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Exposure Event Analytics is the first platform of it's kind to deliver physical space analytics to the events industry. Using a network of advanced sensors Exposure delivers unprecendented detail on how visitors interact with your event.
How long is your average visit time?
What areas are most popular overall and hour by hour?
What are the most popular routes around your event?
How much passing traffic did your stand get and how many people did you convert to engaged visitors?
With both historical reports and a real time dashboard you will be better informed than ever before and be able to make your events more engaging, more valuable and more profitable
Exposure Live Dashboard
Active only when event is open, Exposure Live Dashboard shows detailed statistics on new & returning visitors, average dwell time, current capacity and live heatmap of visitor distribution. You are able to view data for the last hour or the current day.
Exposure Historical Report
Once your event is completed you can access to a full set of historical reports. As well as summary information for each day showing total/returning visitors and average dwell time you can drill won and compare data from individual sensors and any configured sensors groups.
Exposure Heatmap
The ability to 'Replay' the movement of visitors at your event was one of our most important goals when creating the platform. Exposure Heatmap allows you to view, hour by hour, the distribution of your visitors
Exposure Flow
This exciting new report shows you how visitors moved around your event, allowing you to understand the 'Flow' of traffic
Created especially for individual exhibitors and experiental activations, EX Reports provide a detailed breakdown of passing vs engaged traffic. These reports are available as a summary per day and detailed hour by hour breakdown. The Live Dashboard view gives real time feedback on your conversion ratio, allowing real time split testing of activity during the event.
How do we do it?
The team at Forge Special Projects have been creating and deploying specialised event technology since 2006. In that time we have learnt the importance of being able to deploy systems quickly and efficiently.
Exposure sensors run on battery or power over Ethernet, can be connected to the Internet via our independant, self-healing wireless mesh, the inhouse WIFI, Ethernet or even 3g/4g. We also deploy an on site caching server which ensures all data captured by the sensors is retained in the event of an Internet connectivity issue. All this means we can deploy a full sensor network at large events in a matter of hours.
Exposure sensors detect the WiFi discovery signals sent out by all smartphones, tablets and laptops. These signals contain a unique identifier for the device which we then use to build a picture of movement around the event.
This unique identifier only allows us to detect a device and it's manufacturer. We take privacy very seriously which is why we further encrypt this unique identity. In essense it is like hearing someone talk in a room without knowing who they are or they are saying.
All data from the sensors is transmitted to our secure cloud for processing and display. Every user receives a unique login that allows access to both the Live Dashboard and Historical Reports for their company.
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