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Exposure Analytics is the market leader in experiential analytics for events and retail. Using our unique suite of data collection technology, the Exposure Analytics platform delivers key insights into how visitors interact with your event or retail space.

Real world analytics

Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

Visitor counts

What areas are most popular and most engaging?

Dwell times

How long is your average visit time? How long are visitors engaged for?


What are the peak times and most popular routes around your space?


How much footfall did you convert from passing to engaged?


What is the demographic breakdown of your audience?


What impact did the weather have on your activation?


Real-time and historical reporting

Real time

Live dashboard

See new & returning visitor counts, average dwell time, conversion ratio, current capacity and live heatmap of visitor distribution.
View data in the Exposure Analytics platform or subscribe to our real-time API.

Visitor insights

Reporting options

See an overview of visitor engagement metrics and dwell time distribution, or drill down into more detailed statistical reports including conversion ratios and weather analysis.

Visitor insights


See gender, age and emotional demographic data for visitors that engaged with key activations at your event or retail space.

Data visualisations

Interactive maps

Find the busiest areas and peak periods of footfall at your event or retail space.
Replay visitor movements as they happened, in a variety of interactive chart formats.

Data visualisations


See how your visitors moved around your space, find out the busiest routes over time.

How do we do it?

Passive, secure, reliable

The Exposure Analytics platform uses a bespoke suite of WiFi sensors and facial detection technology to measure visitor footfall, engagement and demographics.

Our technology is developed in-house and engineered specifically at the unpredictable environment that is events - secure, easy to set up and resillient against power and internet outages.

We work closely with our clients to select the most effective combination of technology for a particular event or retail space.

EX Sensors

Exposure Analytics 'EX Sensors' detect the WiFi discovery beacons sent out by all smartphones, tablets and laptops.

These beacons contain a unique identifier for the device which we then use to build a picture of movement around the event or retail space.

This unique identifier only allows us to detect a device and it's manufacturer.

We take privacy very seriously - data is encrypted in the platform and on the sensors themselves.

EX Sensors can be powered by ethernet or battery and are connected to the internet via ethernet or built-in 4G connectivity.

After physical installation, calibration of sensors takes place in seconds using our 'EX Calibrator' mobile application (Android only.)

Aperture Cameras

Exposure Analytics 'Aperture' cameras use facial detection software to gauge age, gender and emotional demographic data

As well as visitor counts and dwell time analysis.

Aperture cameras are self-contained units that are designed to be deployed in small spaces

With the same resilience as EX Sensors, robust against internet and power outages.

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